Bailey, Bailey, Bailey!


Pictures provided by Tigard High School

Bailey’s everywhere! Can you tell who is who? From left to right: Principal Brian Bailey, math teacher Derek Bailey, and math teacher Stuart (Stu) Bailey.

By Olivia Niemi and Katelyn Wilhoit

     Have you ever mixed up the Bailey’s? Have you found yourself on your way to visit Stu’s math class instead of Derek’s, or maybe confused principal Brian Bailey for a math teacher? Don’t worry- this happens to the best of us. With three Mr. Bailey’s in the school, it can be confusing to tell them apart. Can you figure out which Bailey is which? Take our quiz and see if you know the Bailey’s well enough to tell the difference between Brian, Derek, and Stu Bailey. Good luck!

  • Where were you born?
    • Bailey #1- Portland, Oregon
    • Bailey #2- Bend, Oregon
    • Bailey #3- Portland, Oregon
  • What activities did you grow up doing?
    • Bailey #1- Basketball and baseball
    • Bailey #2- Fishing and camping
    • Bailey #3- Hiking and reading
  • What was your favorite class in high school?
    • Bailey #1- Physical Education
    • Bailey #2- Physics
    • Bailey #3- Photography
  • What was your most embarrassing childhood moment?
    • Bailey #1- I threw up on the bus when I was in the first grade.
    • Bailey #2- I was riding my bike with my eyes closed, and I got clotheslined by a mailbox.
    • Bailey #3- When I first learned how to drive, I was at a red light and I was waiting for a car to move. The green light turned on and the car didn’t move. I started honking my horn, and then the person in my passenger seat said that’s because it’s a parked car, with no one inside.
  • What’s your favorite trend that you’ve taken part in?
    • Bailey #1- Bell bottoms
    • Bailey #2- The Macarena
    • Bailey #3- Stumptown coffee- I can’t stop drinking it
  • Where did you go to college?
    • Bailey #1- Linfield College
    • Bailey #2- Linfield College
    • Bailey #3- Oregon State and then PSU
  • What is your favorite professional sports team?
    • Bailey #1- The New York Yankees
    • Bailey #2- The San Fransisco Giants
    • Bailey #3- The Blazers
  • What’s your favorite candy?
    • Bailey #1- Hundred Grand Bar
    • Bailey #2- Snickers
    • Bailey #3- Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • If you could chose anyone, alive or dead, to have a meal with, who would it be?
    • Bailey #1- Michael Jordan
    • Bailey #2- John F. Kennedy
    • Bailey #3- Julius Caesar
  • Who’s your favorite artist?
    • Bailey #1- James Taylor
    • Bailey #2- Garth Brooks
    • Bailey #3- Fleetwood Mac
  • What was the last/ your favorite concert you went to?
    • Bailey #1- James Taylor
    • Bailey #2- I love the 90’s tour
    • Bailey #3- Vance Joy
  • What was the first job you ever had?
    • Bailey #1- Camp counselor
    • Bailey #2- A soccer referee for Parks and Recreation
    • Bailey #3- A bottle boy; I helped recycle bottles
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    • Bailey #1- Being a father
    • Bailey #2- My current job
    • Bailey #3- Learning Spanish
  • What’s the last TV show you watched?
    • Bailey #1- The Flash
    • Bailey #2- Tiger King
    • Bailey #3- The Hillary documentary
  • What does an average Saturday look like for you?
    • Bailey #1- Chores and golf
    • Bailey #2- Dance competitions, or softball games
    • Bailey #3- It’s really boring; I walk my dog and then I read

Correct answers: Bailey #1- Stu Bailey. Bailey #2- Brian Bailey. Bailey #3- Derek Bailey.