Chloe Skinner, Tigard Youth Volunteer of the Year, has a passion for helping others


Leah Sandoz

At the Sparrow Assembly, Chloe Skinner tells students what Sparrow Club is about. She was excited to see the students rally behind Sparrow Mya Muckey.

By Olivia Young, News Editor

     Chloe Skinner is the Tigard Youth Volunteer of the Year award. The award was formally presented to her during the Shining Stars Community Awards Gala on May 3. Skinner, who’s president of Key Club, Super Friends, as well as co president of Sparrow and National Honors Society, has had many volunteer opportunities over her last four years of high school. Her passion for volunteering came her first year, however, when she joined the club she’s now president of–Key Club.

    “When I was little, my sister was in Key Club, and I remember always wanting to volunteer and looking up ways to volunteer, but I was too young,” Skinner said. “So once I was a freshman in high school, I was like, ‘I’m going to volunteer for Key Club!’, so Key Club’s really what got me started.”

    Since joining Key Club, Skinner’s participated in a plethora of volunteer opportunities. Key Club focuses on helping the Tigard community, and one aspect of the Tigard community she enjoys volunteering for is the elderly community. Key Club works with programs such as Meals on Wheels to not only bring meals to the elderly in Tigard but also spend time with them and learn from them.

    Additionally, her junior year, Skinner started a program called “Senior Friends,” which is where those in Key Club help elderly adults with technology, household duties, and overall chat and be with them.

    However, Skinner’s favorite volunteering event is when work is done at the Good Neighbor Center. The Good Neighbor Center is a homeless shelter in Tigard that Key Club frequently volunteers at.

    “I’ve done Good Neighbor Center, which is probably my favorite event. We go and cook meals for the people living there.” Skinner said.

    Of course, Skinner didn’t do all her Key Club and other volunteering events just to win Tigard Youth Volunteer of the Year award. In fact, she didn’t even apply for it–she was nominated by those who recognized the incredible work she’s been doing.

    She received the news during her Writing 121 class and was shocked when she learned of what she accomplished.

    Skinner is already known around the school, but not just for volunteering. In the beginning of March, Skinner spoke about her struggles with mental health during the Humans Rights assembly. In opening up to the student body, she comforted and inspired those she spoke to. Students were able to hear her message and realize they weren’t alone in their struggles.

    She says that sometimes when she’s not in the best head space, volunteering helps to boost her spirits.

    “I’ll go to an event and maybe I won’t be in the best place, but then afterwards I’ll feel more uplifted and a lot happier.” Skinner said.

    For students interested in doing more volunteer work, or starting to volunteering, Skinner says go for it! She encourages Tigard students to volunteer, because not only does it improve the community and the people in it, but it also improves a person’s own health.

    “One thing I’ve realized after volunteering is that I always feel so much happier and more full inside,”Skinner said. She’ll shamelessly plug her favorite volunteering opportunity, though. “[Key Club has] all the sign up sheets, it’s super easy, and it’s super fun.”