Classified Staff Appreciation Week: Gus and Josh keep things clean


Liz Blodgett

Gus Jaramillo and Josh Miller keep things clean around the school. But they have also served the school by connecting with students.

By Liz Blodgett and Olivia Young, News Editor and Features Editor

Day 3 of Classified Employee Appreciation Week features two of the more well-known custodians–Gus Jaramillo and Josh Miller.

    Gus has been working at Tigard High for 21 years. Each and every one of those days was a new adventure with some new task that needs to be taken care of. The custodial staff work day and night (literally) to keep the school clean and orderly throughout the entire school year.

    “When we come to school in the morning, we don’t know what to expect. We expect the day to be normal, but sometimes it’s not, and we have a lot of projects that constantly need to be completed,” Jaramillo said.

    Both Gus and Josh enjoy the social aspects of their job. They love talking to students and being able to be there for them if needed. Gus, in the past, has been able to help struggling students through tough times. While he stresses that he’s not a counselor, he is happy that he has the opportunity to help those in need.

    “I’ve talked to teachers and they tell me that they are struggling with this one kid, and I tell them, I’ll talk to them….I have six kids, and I’ve learned a lot from those kids,” Jaramillo said.

    Gus and Josh enjoy having an impact on the students of THS in some way or another. Whether that be being a person that the students can come and talk to about advice, or just showing the students what hard work really looks like.

    “We want students to know about all of the hard work that we do every day, and hopefully they know that we take pride in what we do,” Miller said.