Classified Staff Appreciation Week: Patti Mason makes a difference


Liz Blodgett

Patti Mason always has a smile for students. She found her place at Tigard.

By Olivia Niemi, Staff Writer

Classified Employee Appreciation Week may be the only week in the year dedicated to thanking the people behind the scenes who keep Tigard High School running smoothly day to day. The publications staff is taking each day of the week to feature one of these people, but the writers know that in reality thanking staff shouldn’t be limited to a single week in the year. It’s something students should do throughout the year.  


    Patti Mason always comes to school with a smile on her face.

    A curriculum secretary, Mason’s main focus is to assist with the master schedule and forecasting.

    “I also help facilitate the ACT; I do a lot with Synergy; behind the scenes stuff for grading, transcripts, setting up classes, class lists those sort of details,” Mason said.

    Mason has been working in education for 14 years in many different roles throughout the school.

    “I’ve done a lot of different [jobs]; then I found this job at Tigard High, and it was the right time for my family and it’s a perfect fit for me,” Mason said.

    Once she had settled in at Tigard, Mason realized she wouldn’t want to work any other place.

     “I don’t know where I would be without Tigard High School; I love it here.” Mason said. “I love the people I work with; I love the students I work with; I [even] met some of my best friends through here.”

    Although Mason enjoys the work atmosphere, the main thing that keeps her excited to come into work every day is the students.

    “I love working with the students; that is the best part of my job.” Mason said. “I’ve worked with some of the most awesome and most amazing kids who have gone on to do phenomenal things.”

    Mason has realized that by making a difference in a student’s life, she is not only helping the individual, but society’s future.

    “I know [the students are] going to make difference in this world, and so that just brings me so much joy,” Mason said.

    One of Mason’s favorite memories while working at Tigard High has been having the opportunity to chaperone at prom.

    “I love prom; it’s so cute. Everybody is so dressed up and having a good time,” Mason said. People are feeling good because it’s the end of senior year, they worked really hard to get there; it’s a big celebration, and I think that’s so much fun.”