The first of many lasts

Senior awards assembly starts the graduation season


By Olivia Young, Staff Writer

     It was the first of many lasts.

    Seniors filed into the gym, wearing their caps and gowns, cords and medals adorned the necks of some.  The annual senior awards assembly had begun.

    There was a large number of students recognized for a variety of categories. There were the shout outs to those serving in any branch of the military, while all those who broke state/ school records received cheers and hollers from the student section. The 26 valedictorians stood, and so did the IB students. Students who got any type of cords, were also recognized.

    Local scholarship winners came forward to receive certificates and be formally recognized by the school community.

    Throughout the assembly, scholarships were given to students by a variety of scholarship donors. These donors, including Tigard Breakfast Rotary Club, Ronald Wrigley, PSO’s, and more, donated over $200,000 worth of scholarship money.

    Kristi Latimer, an English teacher who presented the Lloyd Johnson Memorial Scholarship to Allie Shaw, looks forward to this portion of this assembly each year. She enjoys the dedication of the students who receive the NEHS scholarship, and hopes that many follow in their footsteps. The Scholarship is given in honor of a former enthusiastic English teacher to a student who shows a passion for the study of literature.

    “The students who apply for the [scholarship that the Language Arts department is in charge of are always students who love writing and love English,” Latimer said, “I think it’s wonderful to see as many students as possible get recognized in as many ways as possible, because we have an incredibly diverse group of students graduating this year.”

    Peyton Kuffel, who with Kaitlyn Hughes won the Robert Ragel Scholarship, enjoyed the assembly and is thankful for the scholarships he received, as well as his parents and teachers who got him to where he is today. The Ragel Scholarship will provide $60,000 towards his education at Oregon State University.

    “It was a fun experience for everyone,” Kuffel said, “and I’m glad I got to share it with all my fellow classmates who are graduating.” Kuffel, one of the valedictorians, had the special honor of being given his medal by his father, PE teacher Doug Kuffel.

    Placed throughout the assembly were musical performances by a variety of this year’s seniors. Members of the band played two songs from La La Land, those being “Another Day of Sun” and “Someone in the Crowd’, while Emily Schneider sang “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble and James Kinikini sang “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by Elvis Presley.

    After closing remarks, the seniors walked out of the gym for the last time, being followed by cheers and applause by parents and the student body. Congratulations class of 2018!

Seniors at the assembly were awarded scholarships for their achievements in high school.