Speech and Debate goes to state

The team has a successful rebuilding year with new coach Kaitlin Mogan


By Jared Debban

Tigard High’s Speech and Debate Team sent seven people to state championships this season to compete in various events. Meanwhile, students, parents and volunteers fought through a rough year trying to keep the program alive.


This season went quite well for the team. There were many moving parts involved in preparing for state, and everyone did the best they could to practice and ready themselves. speech and debate rekindled itself this year, and the team is continuing to grow in size.


From what I know, Speech and Debate was very popular about four years ago and before that,” Speech and Debate coach Kaitlin Mogan said. “The school has a long history of district titles and state championships.” The program experienced a drop in participation but seems to have regained student interest in time for a successful season. Coaches have been around the team the past couple years, and this season they got students and parents involved to pick the program up and put Tigard on track to compete this season.

Tigard worked hard this year to build up their community and team. State was a highlight of the season for many students on the team. “The best part of this year was getting to take so many of our district competitor’s to state,” Speech captain Millie Webb said. Along with getting students to state, this year helped get Tigard’s name back into the mix. “The Speech and Debate season was great, we had succeeded in raising Tigard’s name back into the tournaments,” sophomore Quinlon Eisenhauer said.


The season was rewarding for everyone involved, since Tigard had such a successful year, everyone enjoyed watching everyone compete and succeed. “I think that seeing every single student improve is what is most rewarding,” Mogan said. “That learning and improving throughout the year is definitely my favorite part.”


These students worked hard over the course of the season and making it to state was what they wanted and worked for. “Finally the sense of accomplishment as I was on the finalist stage, with all of these major veterans to my category,” Eisenhauer said.


The atmosphere of the team is welcoming.  “Like any organization, the people make everything. I can’t really explain how amazing kind everyone is, it’s something you just have to experience,” Eisenhauer said.