10 ideas for spring break


A getaway to Cannon Beach could be a good spring break day trip. Emma and Liz Blodgett enjoyed a day at the beach.

By Kaitlyn Wornath

The end of the school year is approaching fast which means spring break is right around the corner. And with having seven days completely open, the possibilities of what you can do are endless.


If you’re an upcoming senior it may be a good idea to visit colleges you are interested in. Junior Ava Perry combined the idea of a friend road trip with a college visit. “I am going on a road trip to visit Southern Oregon University and get a tour of it with my friend,” Perry said.


There’s nothing wrong with having some fun or relaxing either. Cameron Williamson plans on driving to Mount Hood to play in the snow. “I’m going to Texas to see my dad and little brother. Then later in the break I’m going to Mount Hood to go sledding,” Williamson said.


World history teacher Chris Thompson, is going to a track meet in Seattle for his daughter Elizabeth.  “I’m spending time with my family. Our youngest daughter has a track meet I’m going to go see,” Thompson said.


Student Aisa Larsen plans to work on her project for chemistry and study. “I will be working on my chemistry IA,” Larsen said.


From a survey done at Tigard high, consisting of 186 students; 38 students say they are leaving for vacation. 105 are staying put. And 43 are doing both.


Since over half of the students surveyed are staying put, here is a list of things you can do locally, or at least without leaving town overnight.


10 things to do over spring break:


Take a road trip with friend. Go to the beach or Mt.Hood.


Look for a summer job. Apply for a job that will work with your time schedule.


Go to the movies. Grab a group of friends and head to Bridgeport to see a movie.


Eat lunch with friends: Jimmy John’s, Panda Express, California Pizza kitchen.


Have a spa day. Treat yourself and get a manicure.


Play video games: Fortnite and Destiny.


Go indoor skydiving. Ifly in Tigard.


Volunteer your time. Head to a homeless shelter and help serve food.


Have a barbeque. Fire up your grill and cook some hamburgers. 


Visit colleges. Visiting a college’s campus is a great idea to see if you want to attend there.