Sayounara, Sensei

By Allegra Wesson

This year is the last year that Tigard High will have its well renowned Japanese teacher, Noriko Roberts, as she has decided it’s time to retire. Roberts is recognized at the school for not only being the sole Japanese teacher, but also for being an excellent one at that.

She started the Tigard Japanese National Honor Society, and the famous annual Japan Night, putting in a lot of effort into each to make them amazing, educational, and very fun.

  Roberts has been teaching here for 20 years and will be missed by all. She has done a lot for the community at Tigard High and has touched the hearts of many Japanese students, pouring her spirit into each class. Roberts made the Japanese classes very engaging, fun, and educational. She is well-loved by her Japanese students.

“I think the Japanese program will be worse off without her,” senior Eddie Bednarek said. Having taken every Japanese class that Roberts teaches, he believes that the experience of working with Roberts was one-of-a-kind and very edifying.

Although the school district is actively searching for a replacement Japanese teacher, we can be sure that Tigard High will not be the same wthout the beloved Noriko Sensei.