CE2 teacher retires

By Tor Gullholm

CE2 teacher Susan McGee is walking away from 30 years of service in the Tigard-Tualatin School District. McGee is looking forward to entering the next chapter of her life and spending time with her family and close friends.

“Transitioning and moving forward is going to be a challenge. There are parts of working with students and staff that I think I’ll miss, but I plan on coming back and substituting for CE2. I think I’ll still be able to come back and do the things I like, but not have to deal with the things I don’t like,” McGee said.

The Community Experience for Career Education (CE2) class has been a defining program of McGee’s career. Senior Flor Bailon-Moreno has been a student in CE2 since this November, but she has known McGee since she was a freshman.

“I think she is so kind. If you ask her for help, she will be willing to help you. When I was stuck with a subject and I asked her for help, she went over it with me thoroughly and helped me to understand and research the material,” Bailon-Moreno said.

“I think we have a really genuine friendship. It’s hard to describe it because I don’t really see her as a teacher. I see her as a friend, a real friend. She has helped me become more confident in myself, helped me through my work, and helped me graduate: because that’s what she did, she helped me get there.”

“Use all of your resources, get as much education as you can so you can so you’ll be the best prepared as you can for your future. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Enjoy your life,” McGee said.