Prom is right around the corner

By Kaitlyn Wornath, Staff Writer

Last years prom king, Zack Dean, being lifted by the crowd at prom.

Get ready to pull out the elaborate ball gowns and tuxedos–prom is right around the corner.  Whether you are trying to figure out the right promposal or just making dinner plans, students love the tradition of prom. But one of the biggest social events of the year is now more pricey than ever, which leaves many students wondering if prom is really worth the time and money.

Lauren McFall, a representative for the junior class in leadership, thinks attending prom is worth it. “If you like getting dressed up and going out for a night with friends and just [having] a good time dancing then yes, it’s absolutely worth your time and money,” McFall said. Even if you aren’t going with a date, it’s important to go and enjoy yourself. Besides, you can still make wonderful memories with your friends.   

“There are so many memories you can create at that particular event,” Junior Mahlon Blackwell said. “I am going to prom but I’m not going to blow a bunch of money. I’m going to spend wisely, and go with friends.”

Dresses, depending where you shop, range from $100 to a whopping $1,000. Tuxedos can cost anywhere from $70 to $150 for a one night rental.

Even though prom can be expensive, prom is a rite of passage, especially in the U.S. For most it is one of those experiences you just have to have before you end your high school career. Many at Tigard High feel the same.  

From a survey done at Tigard High School consisting of 100 juniors and seniors, 63 percent of students said they would be attending prom, 32 percent said they would not, and 5 percent were indecisive.

Those who are attending this year’s prom, 38 percent are planning on spending under $200, 47 percent plan to spend 200-400 dollars, and 15 percent will most likely spend $400-600.

According to The New York Times reporter Anne Carrns, prom is an expensive night for the whole family.

This year, according to the credit card company Visa, prom spending will reach an average of $1,139 per family, up 5 percent over last year. Parents of high school students are planning to pay for almost two-thirds of the cost, with the children covering the rest.”

Elizabeth Soldwedel went to prom last year as a junior and plans on going this year too. She especially remembers the great time and memories she made.

“Last year’s prom was a lot of fun. it was really exciting to see everyone all dressed up,” Soldwedel said.

Soldwedel is graduating this year but will always remember the rich memories she created.

“Prom was worth it in my opinion because I love making long-lasting memories. I think I’ll look back on it as a great high school memory,” she said.    

Before you make your final decision over whether you go to prom or not, consider that this is the last formal event for your high school career. Especially for graduating seniors, it’s one of the last chances to make special memories with your friends. Yes, it can cost a handful of money, but getting dressed up and indulging yourself is always a treat.     

But there are ways you can cut back on the costs if money is tight:

  1. Rent your dress or suit.
  2. Have your friends do your makeup instead of going to a cosmetic store.
  3. Carpool to prom.
  4. Have dinner at home.
  5. Borrow jewelry from friends
  6. Use items you already have
  7. Buy your corsage or boutonniere at the grocery store.
  8. Shop for dresses in the off-season. Dress swap with friends from different schools