Getting to know your security guard

By Alec Metcalf, Student writer

Pete the security guard can be viewed as an intimidating figure as he scopes out students that do bad things in this school, the reason why is because he is always giving kids green notes and getting them in trouble. So I decided to see if the was a more nice side to him. And sure enough there was, see for yourself.


Q. So why did you become a security guard?

A.Well, I became a security guard because I just like being around kids they are fun.

Q.What your favorite sport is?

A.Of course, my favorite sport is probably football. How come? Have you ever played it before?

No, I just like to coach the team.

Q.So do you have a family? What are their names? What are they like?

A.Yes I do. My kids names are Bradyn and Payton. And they are just like every other kid; they are playful and like to mess around.

Q.So what is your dream job?Why is that your dream job?

A.Probably collage football coach because it would be an upgrade from high school football.

And one final question.

Q.Do you like being our security guard?

A.Of course I do. I like it a lot.

So as you can see Pete is just like you and me. Just because his job forces him to be mean doesn’t mean he is. So next time you see him in the hallway stop and say “hi” try to talk to him you might actually have a lot in common.