N.A.H.S. plans campus murals

By Avonlea Raschdorf and Grace Ariniello

National Art Honors Society (N.A.H.S.) focuses on making Tigard a more contemporary place and informs students about the art world around them. N.A.H.S. culturally, and artistically expresses art and focuses on adding to the creative community. N.A.H.S. meets at 7:45 a.m. every other Thursday in room 434.

At the moment N.A.H.S. is working to produce murals for the campus. The process for these murals is currently underway, and they plan to focus on the theme of equality to ensure all types of students are recognized. “I think it’s great and let’s Tigard students leave their creative mark for years to come,” commented senior Taylor To.

N.A.H.S. president and senior Izzy Bosze thinks this year the club will go farther than ever before with the amount of teamwork and artistic talents the club possesses. The major goal Bosze has planned for this year is to raise enough money to provide a few art scholarships for students in N.A.H.S. Because of this goal they plan to face paint at Powder Puff games for their beginning fall fundraiser. “I’m really excited to see where this club goes this year. Everyone seems really excited and involved,” added Bosze.

Along with the N.A.H.S. student leadership, advisor Mrs. Shelley Socolofsky has taken time to play a bigger role to keep the group tighter. She expressed that she is very excited to see a new group of students in the club, as well as add more of a creative discussion. “The students at Tigard who join N.A.H.S. will be able to immerse themselves in something that truly wants to give back to the school environment,” added Mrs. Socolofsky.

There is an academic incentive for joining N.A.H.S. Aside from gaining a lot of information about art and creating art independently, everyone in the club performing 50 hours of club based duties will be awarded an IB art cord at graduation. N.A.H.S has big, beautiful plans for Tigard this year.