2015 music festivals

By Eva McConnell, Staff Writer

As the weather gets warmer and school nears towards break, music festivals begin to pop out for the spring and summer time. Some may begin to wonder how music festivals work and the basic questions that comes along with it. For those interested in attending well known festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Sasquatch, make sure to buy your tickets atleast ore than 6 months in advance.

Every spring break in Indio, California, Coachella comes out to play. Coachella Music and Arts Festival is located in the desert, making it a very hot place to be. With the weather, this inspires music goers to dress up in creative hippie styled clothing such as flower crowns, stacked jewlery, and bandanas to keep the sand out of their faces. Not only is Coachella notorious for their music lineups, but also for their fun indian inspired campgrounds and art decorations. High list celebrities such as Katy Perry, the Jenner sisters, Robert Pattinson, Vanessa Hudgens, and many more can be spotted roaming the grounds enjoying the music with the crowd too.

Smaller, yet still extremely fun festivals such as Lollapalooza and Sasquatch also hold similar and impressive artist lineups as well. With Sasquatch in George, Washington, this festival proves a visble difference between others due to the usual rainy forecast, causing for a fun, wet experience. Lollapalooza, unlike others, doesn’t have as set spot and travels around the world to get a more cultural feel. Pricey, but totally worth to pay a visit atleast once!