Show must go on

By Taylor WIlhoit, Staff Writer

When the Theatre Department found out there was to be no winter play, most of the students were filled with anger and resentment. The winter play used to be student written, cast and directed by the members of the advanced theatre class. Many felt they were being cheated out of their favorite play. Two students, however, decided to take matters into their own hands.

“When I found out we weren’t doing the play I didn’t really like that,” says junior Samuel Campbell. “So I talked to Connor Bussey and we decided to do it ourselves.”

“My brother directed a play here his senior year, so it was always a joke that I would too,” said senior Connor Bussey. “But now I’m actually doing it.”

Without Mr. Hermanson, the theatre director at Tigard, to lead the directing, they needed another teacher who was willing to step up and help out.

“I’ve never really done much theatre, took a class in college and loved it,” said english teacher Tim Dennis, “So when I got the email saying they needed someone, I decided right away I wanted to help. I’m just here because they need an adult supervisor, [Bussey and Campbell] do all the directing themselves. It’s great to watch.”

Bussey and Campbell both decided on a play together, approved by Mr. Hermanson. Two’s A Crowd is a comedy about a quarantined houseful of strangers who must live together for two weeks. Once deciding on the play and having adequate adult supervision, the next step was just casting and performing. After all, the show must go on! Come see Two’s a crowd, February 12th, 13th, and 14th at 7:30 and saturday the 14th at 1:30.