Music from across the pond

By Hannah Wyatt, Staff Writer

This years end of the year band concert featured a collection of songs written with heavy influences from England, Ireland, and Scotland. However there was a twist thrown in right from the start. The show opened with a percussion feature called Cupla Cups by: John Hearns, It was performed by the percussion techniques class and added a bit of comedy to the show.

To really get everyone in the Scottish mood, Director James Irving made his entrance wearing a kilt complete with socks and a matching tie. After the applause and laughter subsided Concert band and Symphonic band combined played two songs. Next all three performance groups played a traditional Scottish song Loch Lomond Arranged by Frank Ticheli. This was followed by a combination of Symphonic band and Wind Ensemble. continuing on, the Percussion section performed their last feature of the night and Wind Ensemble performed three selections on their own.

Now comes the equally sad and happy portion of the concert. The seniors stood and Mr. Irving introduced the segment. Each Senior was asked to share their name, plans for the near future, and favorite memory or aspect from band. The common theme in everyone’s memory was that they couldn’t pick just one. Disney trips, Performances, and especially rehearsals. The seniors then presented their gift to the program. This year they chose to donate their time and money to repairing and refurbishing the Tigard signs that are held at the beginning of parades.

To end the concert all three groups joined back on the stage to perform Amazing Grace Arranged by Jay Dawson. Following that came a video from the Recording session in Disneyland. It was recordings of the students that were able to make it to Disneyland layered  over the footage from Disney movies like Tangled, Atlantis, and Peter Pan. As soon as the stage lights came back up there was a surprise. All three groups performed Fantasmic, as a gift to marching band Director and Coordinator of the Disney trip Kati McKee.

Sophomore Flute player Allison Bowden enjoyed the concert and said, “Overall the concert was outstanding, all of the groups sounded amazing. The percussion was hilarious and the senior recognition was sad but joyful. Watching the video from our recording session made my night and McKee’s surprise was a perfect way to end the night.”