Ultimate nerd party

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

This evening’s Physics Extravaganza put on at Tualatin High School with Tigard guests wowed the audience once again. From explaining inertia to giant bubbles to examples of a neutron star collapsing to a giant floating shark, there was always something to look at and be fascinated by. Kinetic energy of two metal balls were catching paper on fire in one corner. In another an explosion was taking place. Obviously, the high energy in the room kept the crowd looking for more.

Tigard’s own IB physics teacher, Richard Holmes, brought over multiple experiments and gadgets in order to exemplify a phenomenon in the realm of physics. Challenging people of all ages and genders was one peculiar booth, reading “Are you strong enough to lift a chair?”. To most, this seemed like no big deal. But once the subject was bent at a 90 degree angle lifting the chair, it was theorized that only womens’ bodies were able to accomplish the feat. The participating men trying out the booth found they simply weren’t able to do it, a strange wonder to human bodies.

Among other booths of interest, another show took place after everyone had seen what was brought from the schools. Tualatin’s auditorium filled with a crowd to watch one of the many famous Rhys Thomas shows. Thomas, an experienced street performer and professional juggler, has been traveling around the U.S. and even the world doing shows at schools and resorts and many other venues. The best part? His routines combine the entertaining factor of juggling and weird stunts with learning science. As Thomas unicycles across a small rope while juggling and spinning a ball on a stick between his teeth, he explains how gravitational mass works. As he flips bowling pins and hammers around, people were informed of how a center of mass functions around the object.

With explosions from Tualatin’s science department, amazing phenomenons from Tigard, and an incredible science/entertainment act from Rhys Thomas, the annual Physics Extravaganza came to a close. Fortunately, it was a great event for our beloved teacher Mr.Holmes’ last year before he retires. The ultimate nerd party of the year can be closed as a success.