Why Be IB?

By Hannah Armstead, Staff writer

Why bother taking International Baccalaureate classes if they are harder and more work? Ever thought of the benefits you gain by taking rigorous courses? By speaking with I.B. administer, Ken Teschner, one can gain knowledge of the benefits of taking I.B such as it’s preparation for the next step of education.

“High school isn’t recess for teenagers, high school is a time and a place to get ready for what comes next,” said Teschner. “Dinking around with courses that don’t do anything is not what its about.”

Being ready for university or college is absolutely essential.  Schools have done nationally based researched on the value of I.B. compared with other high school curriculum such as A.P., all of them concluded that the I.B. curriculum is the only curriculum currently available to high school students in the United Stated that gets them ready for college.

“I.B. is like a Qdoba burrito: its hard to finish, its really messy, but its worth it,” said junior Harrison Liu.

Advanced placement courses do not offer the rigor that I.B. classed do. If you are a student that is serious about what happens after high school you do it while you are here.  Sure you can be successful in college without I.B., but will you be better prepared if you do I.B.? Definitely. Statistics show that only 30% of students that go to four year colleges actually complete the degree in four years nationwide. Taking the I.B. route is a great opportunity because it will prepares students for what comes next.