The Paw

Why Be IB?

By Hannah Armstead, Staff writer

May 15, 2013

Why bother taking International Baccalaureate classes if they are harder and more work? Ever thought of the benefits you gain by taking rigorous courses? By speaking with I.B. administer, Ken Teschner, one can gain knowledge of...

Books vs. Sparknotes

By Allie Chino, Online Editor

October 15, 2012

Oh shoot. It’s the last day before your English essay is due. It’s midnight, and you haven’t read a page of your book. A couple of clicks, and a few typed words, and you’ve made it to With a deep breath,...

THS IB Parents Night

By Micah Lundstrom, Executive Editor

September 25, 2012

There will be an IB parent info night Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. in the Tigard High Library.  This is a chance for anyone interested in the IB program to come and learn about how it works.  Ken Teschner, head of the IB program at...