To vote or not to vote?

By Sydney White, Staff writer

With voting season upon us, it’s time to have a say in matters that affect you while making a change in your community.

For many adults, it has become tradition to vote every two years, however, young adults who are recently entitled to voting are relatively unfamiliar with the process. New eligible voters may be putting voting off to the side, but that may be a huge mistake. To most people, voting isn’t the most important things in their life but it is still very important. People are pushing voting off to the side and making up excuses on why not to vote.

One of the most common excuses not to vote among people is because they believe that their single vote won’t make a difference, which is completely wrong. Though your vote is just one of millions, it is so much more. Your one vote, along with others votes, add up to the millions of votes that determine the changes that occur in your state. If everyone didn’t vote because they thought their vote wouldn’t make a difference, there would be no votes. It’s important that people realize that every vote counts.

Another reason for not voting is because people are uneducated on the measures. If the topic is something you may not be familiar with, it’s quick and easy to research the measure and to see both sides of it rather than just not voting. By voting, you and everyone else who choose to make a difference, are helping your state, if you vote for what you believe in you are helping yourself. If there is a measure that directly affects you such as education or jobs, by voting you could be improving your experiences by choosing what benefits you and having a say.

Voting not only helps improve your community, but it also allows you to have a say in measures that affects you both directly and indirectly. It’s something that isn’t relatively time consuming and you are making a change for the better by giving your input.