United Nations agree to prevent global warming

By Sydney Dauphinais, Staff Writer

Important announcements were made by more than 100 Heads of State and Government and leaders from the private sector and civil society at the Climate Summit this last Tuesday, September 23rd.

The Climate Summit was hosted by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Ki-Moon asked the present representatives, officials, and businesses to make both announcements and proposals about the rising global temperature. He definitely got what he asked for.

Multiple European countries announced that they wanted to decrease greenhouse gas emissions to 40%, and India set a goal to double their wind and solar power by 2020. Costa Rica said they would use completely clean energy by 2016, and several other countries also set goals for themselves to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

The United States is also aiming to improve climate control. President Obama recently stated, “Nobody gets a pass. We will do our part, and help other developing countries do theirs.”

The ambitious attitudes and lofty goals of United Nations Representatives are setting the world up for success regarding newfound climate control. “History is made by action. And now we have seen that this world is ready to act,” said Ki-Moon.

 The United Nations have agreed to meet again next year in Paris to revisit their goals, and possibly set new ones.