Tigard success: Student Congress

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Besides sports and academics, Tigard is also known for “spreading the great activity of speech and debate” says junior Daniel Sacks. Students from Barlow, Canby, Southridge, and Westview high schools crowded into the upper rotunda for the annual Student Congress hosted by the speech and debate clubs officers and coaches. At this event, a docket is prepared with resolutions which the students debate and eventually voted on.

“I love congress. It has so much real world applications because we actually debate real resolutions and bills, then vote on them,” sophomore Delan Huang comments. “I love it when a bill passes because of me.”

Students are placed based on their arguments. They win over the judges with eloquence and logic. Tigard’s own Eric Clarke achieved a 3rd place out of the many attendees, adding to to the long list of speech and debate tournament top 5 awards.

The success of this Student Congress prepares club members to anticipate for rest of this year’s tournaments to come.