Orchestra prepares for the holidays with seasonal sounds

By Luis Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Walking into the auditorium,the sound of violins and cellos in perfect harmony instantly sent a feeling of warmth through the body. The classical tone of the orchestra consisted of all string instruments.

The THS Orchestra presented “Sounds of the Season.” That would have been a perfect name for the show, until the song Just Give Me A Reason by Pink was performed Tianna Cosburn and Hannah Curry with violins. Both girls had a shaky beginning, and even at one point a “sorry” was heard. However, they managed to harmonize and finish strong.

A few song later came a classic song among classics, Ode to Joy. The Themed and Variation were performed by Junior Daniel Kim on the cello. Kim had been selected for an all state high school honors orchestra, and with no surprise he hit most if not all the notes in Beethoven’s tune.

There was one performance that stood out the most, and which was played by middle schooler Derek Liu and assisted by his sister Victoria Liu. He chose to perform the song Millionaire’s Hoedown by Herman Clebenof with a violin. His pace was consistent and he missed no audible notes. The song was so uniquely performed that it could have easily been one of the best performances in the show.

The THS Orchestra decided to end with the song Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blain.