Get High on Life, Not Drugs


By Caitlin Britch, Staff Writer

With a new year comes some changes. STUDD club (Stop Tigard Underage Drinking and Drugs) has new changes for the school year, such as getting more involved at events, spreading the word to younger students, and being a resource to talk to.

At club rush, over 100 students signed up to join and be a part of the club this year. With this many members, STUDD plans on becoming more active in the community. Adviser Connie Jolley says, “if [students] are drug free and are proud of that decision, they should join STUDD to educate others in our community and have fun celebrating their choice to be drug free with the fun events we host.”

The club will participate in the homecoming parade, Halloween rooms, health fair, red ribbon week, and many more events. Senior STUDD leader Katherine “Kat” Tice states that “it’s always fun to see all the members get excited at the events.”

STUDD believes that it is important to demonstrate healthy practices and decision-making to younger students. The club will host the annual forum, where they provide fun activities and information about how staying above the influence is the right decision, unlike how society projects it to be. Middle school students attend these forums because it is important to plant a healthy seed for them to spread to their peers before they get into high school. Senior STUDD leader Danielle Gedusky agrees that “younger kids should know about drugs and the dangers of them because the influences can start at a younger age and if they know about it now, they can be less tempted later when in high school.”

Members may not feel connected enough to the club, so leaders of the club have decided to change this by creating an anonymous box for members and non-members to write comments, tips, and questions about drug abuse. For instance, if someone has an alcoholic father, they could ask about where he could receive help. STUDD wants all students to feel that someone is there for them if they are struggling with a user, whether it be them or someone they know. Gedusky adds, “I think it is a great way for students to ask what they need without the pressures of possible embarrassment.”

The contents of the box will be read aloud at club meetings and will be tweeted on the STUDD twitter account. The box will be held in Jolley’s room 522.

STUDD is a place where students can hang out and volunteer in a healthy and positive environment without being under the influence. The first club meeting is on Tuesday October 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm in Jolley’s room 522.