Publications department hosts fundraiser at Fuddruckers

By Lauren Schrader, Staff Writer

A fundraiser for the publications department will be held tonight at Fuddruckers in Progress Ridge. It will start at 5pm and go until 9pm. All you need to do is buy anything at Fuddruckers and mention Tigard High School or show the cashier one of the fliers that are posted around the school. The publications department will receive 15% of the profits from anyone who does this.

The proceeds will be going towards the expenses needed to pay for a trip to a journalism convention held in San Francisco in late April. Photographers, designers, and writers will all be able to attend classes at this convention which will help to improve their skills. This will not only better the quality of everything publications produces, but the efficiency as well.

By simply going to Fuddruckers tonight to eat and mentioning Tigard High School, you can help the school in a huge way. Publication students will be able to learn more ways to create a better yearbook, newspaper, and online. So go to Fuddruckers tonight and remember, takeout is included!