Harlem Shake: Remixed



By Kenneth Lamborn, Writer

Most of us are familiar with the “Harlem Shake” video craze that is sweeping the internet at the moment, and if you aren’t, you’d better learn quick: even Tigard High did their own video for Baauer’s club track “Harlem Shake.” But now, more artists in the music industry are taking on the track, and it isn’t a joke.

When DJ Harry Rodrigues (known as Baauer) released his single in May 2012, he probably had no idea that it would turn into such a phenomenon. While it wasn’t entirely awful music, it became mostly an internet joke where groups of people would dance erratically in strange costumes. But make any real Harlemite listen to the song, and they will quickly turn up their nose while saying, “That isn’t the Harlem Shake!”

Up-and-coming rapper Azealia Banks, a Harlem native, decided to use Baauer’s beat and remix it into something that might be appreciated a little more by her native NYC neighborhood. No silly clothes, no stupid dancing – just a lot of hips and a lot good lyrics. While I cannot link the video on here due to the song’s graphic nature, Banks gave Baauer a serious run for his money, essentially stealing the limelight from the original track and inspiring other people to use it for their own creative release.

Baauer has fought back on twitter (and to this day, he and Banks have a bit of an ongoing internet beef) but give it a listen and you’ll be converted – if you actually liked Baauer’s Harlem Shake before, you’ll probably appreciate it with some lyrics a lot better. Did I mention Banks’ hips? Yeah. She twerks.

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