Senior Best and Most

By Anna Roberts, Yearbook Editor

The results are in! Congratulations to all!

Best Smile- Benjamin Wick and Jessica Skinner

Worst Driver- Robert Chabreck and Haley Holte

Most likely to be on reality T.V.- Taylor Courtney and Kailie Green

Biggest Class Clown- Ryan Floom and Jennifer Jacko

Most School Spirit- Jamison Shields and Haley Bernard

Best Laugh- Piero Silva-Molina and Rei Nukaga

Biggest Flirt- Chance Taylor and Rosend Mansell

Best Hair- Alexander Dean and Amanda Bintliff

Most Artistic- Clay VanRiper and Lauren Johnson

Most Athletic- Zachary Floyd and Megan Risinger

Best Dressed- Ryan Bickel and Hayley Merrick

Most likely to become a THS teacher- Kevin Jiang and Margaret Butler

Best Personality- Alec Malnati and Haylee Winden

Most Likely to become famous- Eldon Delacruz and Ashley Schroeder