Sweeney Todd

By Katelyn Nottingham, Staff Writer

“There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit and the vermin of the world inhabit it and its morals aren’t worth what a pig could spit and it goes by the name of London” (Sweeney Todd, Hugh Wheeler). Sweeney Todd is playing at the Portland Center Stage September 18th to October 21st. A Thrilling horror story based of a demon barber that wishes to kill the man that was the reason he lost his wife and daughter.

The Judge of a small town in London finds himself to like Sweeney Todd’s wife, so he sends him far away for life, to take his wife and daughter, or so he thought. As he reterns he meets with Mrs. Lovett, who gives him an interesting thought to what had happend when he was gone. Frustrated with all that had happened, he got sent to kill anyone that stepped into his barber shop until his revenge to the Judge could come again.