Once Upon A Time Season 2 Premiere

By Reilly King, Staff Writer

In the Season 1 finale we were left with a question, “What will happen when everyone remembers that they’re under a spell?” In the Season 2 premiere some of our questions were finally answered.

The new season started with introducing us to Sleeping Beauty and Phillip (the prince) at the moment he saves her. Then it flashed to Storybrook where we saw all the characters from Season 1 re-unite and the long awaited recognition of Snow White, Prince Charming, and Emma as a family. Meanwhile, Mr.Gold who is now Rumpelstiltskin heard how the evil queen had locked Belle up for 26 years while everyone was under the spell, which made him hungry for his magic back.

It changed back momentarily to the story world where an evil spirit came from the ground at Sleeping Beauty’s palace. Phillip then tried to fight it off and cut a medal from it’s neck which seemed to have burned his hand. In Storybrook, Rumpelstiltskin pulled the same medal from a box in his store.

After a commercial break, the town confronted the Queen at her house and she found she didn’t know how to use her powers in the world that they are all living in. The town citizens took her to the prison and she soon got a visit from Rumpelstiltskin. We then found out just what the mysterious medal’s power was, destiny. In the story world we found Mulan was the person to help Phillip find Beauty. Unfortunately she could not help him to know that the burn from the medal was a curse that he could never change because she too did not know at the time. It quickly cut to Rumpelstiltskin calling upon the evil being, and it was seen coming from the medal right before another suspenseful commercial break.
When the show returned, Snow tried to embrace Emma as a daughter. However, Emma pushed her away and went to talk to Rumpelstiltskin. As she confronted him about the curse his “gift” as he said came to the town and started changing things. Shortly after Emma, Snow, and Charming left the store, Belle did as well because she now knew that Rumplestiltskin would never change, leaving the suspense rising.

As the show came back, we saw Mulan and Beauty arguing over where Philip was and Mulan quickly came to the conclusion that he had been marked and set out to look for him with Beauty trailing behind, yelling for her to wait. In the real world, the evil spirit found the Queen and started sucking out her soul, but not before Charming could step in and try to fight it off. Once it left Snow and Charming asked how they could get rid of it. They went back to an office where the Queen had been hiding the Mad Hatters magic hat and started to make it work again when the spirit came back leading us into one of the last breaks.
In the story land, Beauty found Mulan where they talked of Mulan loving Phillip. After an argument about love, they left to find Phillip, but it was too late. The spirit found and killed him. In Storybrook, the magic hat started working just in time for the spirit to be sucked into it, but Emma and Snow were sucked in as well followed by the portal closing which led to the last commercial break of the show.

When the show returned we saw Mulan give the medal to Beauty to remember Phillip by. In Storybrook, Charming threatened to kill the Queen which was quickly followed by her using her powers and nearly killing him. Fortunately for him Henry showed up and stopped her, then said that until she could get back Emma and Snow back that he didn’t want to talk to her.

In the end, Mulan tells Beauty that the land that they live in was untouched by the curse and that they were frozen in the land for 28 years until time started again. They talked of a safe haven which they had to go to until Mulan saw movement under a piece of rubble that the spirit had come from. Underneath was Emma and Snow and “the reason that your prince died.”
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