Tigard and Tualatin skate parks compared

Jim Griffith Memorial Skate Park, also known as  “Tigard Skate Park” was built by Dreamland Skate parks and opened in Nov. 8, 2007. It’s 15,000 sq. feet and cost $370,000 to build. Many foundations including Tony Hawk Foundation paid much of the money for this amazing place.

As you all should know there are two skate parks conveniently close to Tigard High Sshool. Tigard high student definitely take advantage of this but personally they segregate themselves to one of the other. But which in fact is the better skate park?

“Tigard is definitely better because it has more extreme obstacles, and it’s bigger! Also Tualatin is too small. There is little to no coping, the concrete is bad too. All ugly,” said junior Qeuntin Nass.

What’s really the difference between them?

“Tigard is more for go-big-or-go-home skateboarders and Tualatin is more technical,”  said senior Alex Chang. “Tualatin is for beginners to build up and learn more technical tricks, once you get used to Tualatin, it’s really fun to shred!”

As you can tell there is no doubt that both skate parks clash when it comes to comparing them to each other because it depends on the person. Also depends if they have just begun skating or if you’re a really good skater.

Tualatin Skate Park

Tualatin Skate Park

This skate park was built by the Tualatin community and opened to the public back in Dec. 11, 1998.

Tigard Skate Park