Find a club to fall in love with

This quiz will match a club to a student personality.


Leah Sandoz, Hillary Currier, Riley Young, Makayla Bell

Sparrow Club, Drama Club and Girls in STEM are all clubs students can join.

By Caroline Frisiras and Sophie Fenton

Club rush is coming next Tuesday, but some students may want to get a head start in finding that perfect club match.

Which of these best describes your personality? A. Giving B. Artistic C. Opinionated D. Studious E. Reflective 


Which of these activities sounds the most appealing to you? A. Lending a hand in my community B. Creating something C. Going to a protest D. Watching a documentary E. Learning about another country’s customs 


What is your go-to genre of music? A. Pop B. Musical theater C. Alternative D. Lo-Fi E. Obscure 


If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your last day? A. Spend time serving the people around me B. See a Broadway play C. Visit historic sights across America D. Have a meaningful conversation with my friends and family E. Visit one of the seven wonders


What is a goal you have for this school year? A. Get involved with my community B. Inspire others C. Make a change in the world D. Improve my study habits E. Meet new people


What type of TV shows/ movies do you watch? A. Feel-good shows B. Teen Dramas C. The news D. Sci-Fi Drama E. Documentaries


What’s your favorite color? A. Lavender B. Yellow C. Red D. Blue E. Green


What is your favorite subject? A. Uncertain B. Art C. History D. Science E. Psychology


Who is your favorite superhero? A. Spiderman B. Wonder Woman C. Captain America D. Iron Man E. Black Panther


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? A. The Pacific Northwest B. New York City C. Washington D.C.D. London E. Japan


If you had one wish, what would it be? A. World peace B. Go to the Louvre C. End world hunger D. Have unlimited knowledge E. Travel the world


If you answered mostly As… you might enjoy joining a club that focuses on giving back to the community! Clubs like Tigard Community Service and Sparrow would help you get involved and make a positive change in the lives of others!


If you answered mostly Bs… you should look into joining a club that focuses around arts and entertainment! From Calligraphy Club to Thespians to Board Game Club, a club in arts and entertainment would be the perfect fit for you!


If you answered mostly Cs… you are passionate about the environment and world around you! A club that emphasizes political or environmental action would be great for you. Clubs like Amnesty International, Tigard Political Action Club, Save the Bees Club, and Model United Nations might be worth checking out at club rush!


If you answered mostly Ds… your hardworking and studious nature will serve you well in clubs that are geared towards academia. Make sure to look into National English Honors Society, Speech and Debate, Future Business Leaders of America, and Health Occupational Students of America at club rush this year!


If you answered mostly Es… you might be interested in clubs from around the world. Clubs with a focus on Culture and Religion, such as Young Asian Leaders of America, MeCha, Jewish Student Union, Socieodád Honoraria Hispanica, YoungLife and Société Honoraire de Français might be of interest to you!