It’s not what I believe

By Jared Debban

Coming back from break, students have noticed a new sign by senior benches that promotes using pronouns and non gender specific terms. The signs that are being put up around the school and the messages being broadcasted to the student body do not align with my beliefs.  


I do not think I am alone in this either, this sign does not represent the opinion of all students in THS. I do not agree with these messages and I do not know how to respond without hurting those that are overly sensitive. When I do say what I believe when it comes to gender, I am often referred to as “close minded.”


One student took matters into his own hands and tore down the poster protesting the message that is trying to encourage students to use gender neutral pronouns instead of correct gender specific terms. Shouldn’t we as students be able to express our opinions when it comes to certain issues too, but how well is that taken into account? If someone like me in the student body disagrees with what is being promoted on the walls what can I do to express my own beliefs?


I have been frustrated with a number of decisions that have been made this year. This fall a select group of students have specifically focused on changing the homecoming tradition and now students are being encouraged through posters to try using pronouns which they do not believe in or agree with. Is the school letting the voices of a few be heard more than the majority?


This new gender sign has drawn much negative attention from students and parents alike. As students return to this environment daily, how does it make it more welcoming for students to walk in knowing that they are in an environment that is not supporting what they believe in? It seems as if some groups are allowed to have a larger voice in the community of students than others.


Students with conservative opinions, like me, are often overlooked, or there is a backlash when I express my opinion that does not line up with everyone else’s. I feel as though students with differing opinions than what is considered to be “socially right” are often ridiculed before they even have a chance to share their opinion. I think that my opinion has been overlooked as students look to change our schools culture.