Congrats, grads

By Sydney White, staff writer

Walking onto the familiar football field where most students have supported their school four years, their final high school experience has come. Although the four year journey has come to an end, this is just the beginning for so many seniors.

Last night, the 2014 graduates walked across the stage to finally complete their high school journey. The 2013-2014 school year has officially ended for them, though at times it felt as if it never would. The graduates have spent approximately 720 days, calculating to be around 4,320 hours within the walls of Tigard High, not c

onsidering the amount of time they have spent outside of class working on homework and school related assignments. Over the years, students were given the option to take the basic, standard courses required by Oregon law or to take International Baccalaureate or honors classes. The rigorous courses provided take up an extended amount of time compared to the standard courses some chose to take. Those who chose to put the time and effort into taking IB courses got as much out of it as they could. They put their all into school, taking it seriously and preparing themselves to get a head start in college.

Janak Ward and Tate Watson cheer for fellow graduates.
Janak Ward and Tate Watson cheer for fellow graduates.

This year, there were 19 Valedictorians among the 2014 graduates. Those all being people who used the most of their time and attained strict rules for themselves. These students took multiple IB and honors classes, many of which received an IB diploma. They also attained straight A’s and at least a 4.0 grade point average. Though the valedictorians weren’t the only ones who used their time wisely, all the students who put effort into their school work were honored last night.

Following the graduation ceremony was the all night grad party. The part was at an unknown destination in which nobody was informed of. The party was in fact the last time most of the students would be together. It provided a fun, final celebration of their accomplishments of their past four years.

Ernest-James "EJ" Albaugh ponders the future.
Ernest-James “EJ” Albaugh ponders the future.

The bittersweet night has come and gone, graduates are now college students moving onto bigger and better things. College will provide a new world of experiences and the opportunity to befriend many people along the way. Though students will be departing their home of the past four years, and all the friends they have accumulated since the first day of kindergarten, change is a good thing.

“The end of high school is really bittersweet,” commented graduate Sophia Peterson. “It’s sad to be leaving years of memories behind, but at the same time I can’t even describe the excitement and joy that comes along with it. I’m just super pumped to start this new stage in my life.”