To The Crew Of “As You Like It”

By Katelyn Nottingham, Writer/Designer

Before the curtains can go up it takes a lot of work to prep the set to “As You Like It”, and this crew “has a sense of the physical work to the theater,” according to director Jane Fellows

Fellows has a great appreciation to the crew. She believes they have a great sense to the physical work of the show, which includes props, lighting, staging, and decorating. “We couldn’t do it without them” she says, “These tech kids are really amazing, some great leaders.”

Talking to some of the crew, you learn just how much fun all of them have together. They become a family and care for each other. “My favorite part of working here is doing something I love with some hilarious people I love,” said sophomore Paris Courtney while laughing about an inside joke with some of her theater friends. “I also love watching Todd Hermanson dance to YMCA whenever we play it aloud.”

“My favorite part is getting to know new friends and having a good experience,” said sophomore Austyn Nelson head of lobby. You can join the crew with your friends or do it to make friends, it seems either way you have a blast. The crew kids loving to add friends to there theater family and traditions.