Victor Ceja places third at state wrestling match despite injured ankle

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

The state wrestling tournament was held at the Memorial Coliseum on Friday and Saturday this past weekend. There were four Tigard athletes that attended the tournament; including senior Victor Ceja who injured his ankle in his first match, but kept fighting through the pain.

“I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go on and wrestle the next five matches, but I knew I couldn’t throw away my last opportunity to finish my senior wrestling season as a state placer,” said Ceja.

Instead of giving up, Ceja taped his ankle and finished the tournament.

“I knew I was good enough to bounce back and place third, so I gave it everything I had left,” said Ceja.

Along with Ceja, seniors Zack Vollstedt, Justin Jackson, and Phillip Engel also sweat it out on the mats to come out victorious.

Out of the 37 teams in the 6A division at the tournament, Tigard ended up ranking number 27

“I just have to say the more you work the further you go,” said Ceja.