Tigerettes dance to impress


By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Celebrating this weekend is the Tigerettes dance team, who competed against other skillful dance teams at the Metropolitan Dance Festival, hosted at Centennial High School, on Saturday night. A daunting competition to prepare for, the girls gave their all and accomplished second place overall. Taking first was the Gresham Rhythmettes, and third went to the Lincoln Cardinal Dancers.

In addition to their impressive performance, the Tigerettes also took home the spirit award for that particular competition. In the past they have been recognized for their technique and dance style, so receiving something different was a happy surprise for the team. Personal goals were acknowledged as well. Junior Rebecca Ramirez earned top 10 in novice drill down, and senior Monica Rogoz was awarded top 10 in advanced still down.

The Tigerettes finished their weekend with a bang, but their season isn’t over yet. The next competition will be O.S.A.A. State Dance/Drill Championships at the end of March held in Portland, which will include various dance teams from all over the state of Oregon. Although challenging, the Tigerettes are working hard to get ready and will surely bring pride to T.H.S.