North Medford football gets shutout 42-0 by the Tigard Tigers in the O.S.A.A. quarterfinals

By Amanda Lam, Newspaper Editor

The Tigard Tigers played an overwhelming game against the North Medford Black Tornadoes under the Friday night lights of their home field. There were two major expectations for tonight’s quarterfinal game: nearly freezing weather and a close game. However, only the windy forecast came through. The game was a blowout and the Tigers finished the night with an impressive 42-0 lead over North Medford.

“Tonight we came out hard and fast, playing our way to the end of the game,” said junior Landon Floyd.

Initially, the game did not appear to be as promising. The two teams battled it out until there was only 5:25 left on the clock. Senior Ariel Hotchkins came through with a 15 yard touchdown run placing the Tigers on the scoreboard, this was the first of many. The Tigers earned themselves another touchdown at 1:03 with a 69 yard carry from senior Manu Rasmussen, leaving the Black Tornadoes trailing 14-0. Early in the second quarter Tigard scores and again as Rasmussen makes another touchdown with 3:35 left; it was quite evident that the Tigers had found their momentum.  The score at halftime was 28-0.

Senior Jacob Mullen said, “we thought North Medford would come in a lot harder but they brought what they could.”

Going into the second half, the Tigers challenged themselves to a complete shutout. Unfortunately for North Medford, the remainder of the game did not prove hopeful. In the third quarter, the Tigers managed to score 14 more points with two touchdowns. These plays were made successful by seniors Jake Biglow, Jett Even, and Daren Rodrigues. Already leading the Black Tornadoes 42-0, the Tigers worked together to maintain the blowout in the fourth quarter. Tonight, their dedication to the team and game definitely ensured Tigard’s win and their chance to play in next week’s semifinals.

“North Medford came out tough” said senior Cameron Yarnell,  “we just came out with more heart.”