Tigard football plays shaky first half but comes through with a 57-29 win


Henry Ammann

Senior Manu Rasmussen prepares for a play.

By Amanda Lam, Newspaper Editor

Coming off an undefeated regular season, a league championship, and a much deserved bye-week; Tigard football had high expectations sitting on their shoulders for their first playoff game against Gresham High School.

“Preparation wise we were preparing differently but we came out ready,” said senior Alex Anokhin.

The Tigers played a shaky first half and for the first time this season they trailed behind their opponent. Gresham scored midway through the first quarter, but it wasn’t long until Tigard made their own touchdown. Gresham scored a 50 yard touchdown with a trick play and then made a two point conversion, leaving them in the lead with a score of 15-14. The two teams played neck in neck through halftime. The Tigers managed to capture a small 29-22 lead in the second quarter.

“We really needed to work on our tackling and really wrap it up,” said senior Alex Janac.

After a disappointing first half, the fans were left wondering if the no. 2 ranked Tigers were going to be beat by the Gresham Gophers who are currently ranked 31st in the state. The Tigers knew they would have to step up their game. With some adjustments and motivation, Tigard went back into the second half unphased by their displeasing plays during the first half.

“We did our jobs wrong in the first quarter and weren’t too prepared” said senior Alex Anokhin. “They [Gresham] were more physical than we anticipated but we knew what to do and we knew how to get everything squared away.”

Through the third quarter, the Tigers began playing the game they have been accustomed to all season. Not allowing the Gophers to score, senior Manu Rasmussen scored with five minutes left in the third quarter leaving the Tigers leading 43-22. Tigard remained strong in the fourth quarter and came through with the win. The final score of the night was 57-29 and the Tigers will continue their journey in the playoff next week against Grants Pass.

We definitely weren’t prepared for a full game tonight and they [Gresham] came out swinging,” said senior Michael Roberts. “But we pulled it together and I’m sure we’ll get enough practice in the next few weeks for that ring game.”