Tigard volleyball wins match against Glencoe

By Luis Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Twenty- three miles away from the tigers den, a glorious battle began between Tigard’s very own varsity volleyball team, and Glencoe’s Crimson Tides. Each team was prepared to do whatever it took to win.

The first set began with a bang. Neither team kept the lead for long. The Tigers clawed, but the Tides swooshed. For most of the first set, it was neck in neck, each team standing their ground. It was the mighty tigers, versus the power tide. One minute remained in this glorious match, and the Tigers clawed their way into winning the first set.

No one could have expected the second set to be one side. The Tigard team scored point after point giving no mercy to the poor tides. With more than a ten point lead, Tigard won the second set.

The game seemed hopeless for Glencoe, but the Tides pulled off an amazing comeback during the third set. The Tigers still wouldn’t back down though; they fought and fought, but with no avail. This time the Tides washed the Tigers away. The Tides might have intimidated the Tigers, but they did not defeat them. Tigard was still leading 2-1.

The interval before the final set was tense. Tigard’s varsity team was exhausted and thirsty. One of the JV players, Hannah Copelan served as a “water girl” for the match. She ran to refill the water bottles of the varsity team.

“There is a bond in volleyball that most of us will understand,” said Copelan. “Helping out my team mates when they’re playing, so they can help me out when I’m playing.”

It was neck and neck when the fourth set began. However, the Tigers proved to be far better than the Tides. Tigard won the last set with of score of 25-15.

Varsity player Sasha Hershe said, “[We won] because we didn’t give up. In playing as a team you can’t win with just one person.”

There sure was a lot of communication during the match, most of which sounded like loud shrieks.

Coach Rob Coelho said, “We started getting girls to dive, which becomes infectious […] It gets other girls to dive as well.”

This enabled the varsity team to counter many spikes that were hit towards them. The final score Tigard 3 Glencoe 1.