Tigard football performs a 58-0 shut out against McMinnville


By Amanda Lam, Newspaper Editor

Tonight, the rain definitely didn’t seem to stop the Tigard football team from playing their best. On Friday, Sept. 27, the Tigers ran out onto their home field beating McMinnville 58-0. Even with the heavy rain, the Tigers seemed strong and showed their desire to stay in the No. 2 spot in the 6A division.

Tigard started off with a promising 14 point first quarter with plays from senior Manu Rasmussen and junior Landon Floyd. McMinnville made many attempts to score a few points but as the rain began to pour during the second quarter, there seemed to be no hope. The Tigers took no steps back during the second quarter, scoring an impressive 23 points. At halftime, the Tigers held a huge lead over McMinnville. The score was 37-0.

“The rain didn’t affect us tonight but it did seem to affect McMinnville,” said senior Matt Hillard. “They had 3 or 4 fumbles.”

Similar to previous weeks, the Tigard coaching staff put out their rookie players during the second half. Unlike the previous weeks, they took no steps back and refused to allow McMinnville any leeway. Tigard still showed signs of motivation throughout the third quarter and finished with three touchdowns.

“During halftime, coach told us to keep sustaining our blocks and keep doing what we were doing,” said senior Byron Hammick. “We also made a couple of adjustment during the second half to make the ball a little quicker.”

The Tigers left their stadium with a 58-0 victory, completely shutting out the McMinnville Grizzlies.

“It was a good team victory, we got all the younger guys in and they all played well,” said Hillard.