Tigard boys soccer win first game of the season against Wilsonville

By Luis Gutierrez

As the match began, Tigard quickly took control of the ball. The match was lit not only by the stadium lights, but also by the redness of the full moon. The game dragged on for 24 minutes until junior Alex Figueroa, scored the first goal of the game. Not long after that, Tigard’s senior player Drew Bankston got injured and replaced by junior Cesar Conteras.

Tigard played their formation 4-3-3 very well, which allowed for Tigard to score another goal at the 30-minute mark. However, Wilsonville’s formation 3-4-3 wasn’t as successful; their team was all over the place.

Just when it looked hopeless for Wilsonville, Wilsonville’s player Alex Roberts scored a phenomenal goal 20 minutes into the second quarter. The only thing Wilsonville had that the Tigard Tigers did not was that a girl was playing as a defender. She was very tough and, and must have been an outstanding player to play in the boys varsity team.

Thirty minutes into the second half, junior Joseph Lea, Tigard’s beloved and skillful player, was injured and benched.

Wilsonville started to get desperate, but senior Javier Sanchez Figueroa pulled off a Bicycle kick right in the middle of the game.

When asked why he did this Javier  answered, “I thought just get the ball out of the [goalie box.]”

Just as there were, three and a half minutes left on the clock Lea returned to the field.

“The hard part [about the game] is making individual players work as one,” said Lea. Not another minute passed before Lea was hit in the stomach with the balled and injured again, he had to be benched for the rest of the game. “[A] Sacrifice for the team.”

As the clock hit zero the Tigers won 2-1. The first varsity victory for freshman Jonathan Calderon.

“Feels great playing in varsity,” Calderon said, “it was fun.”