Second annual Sparrow Bowl looks to bring exciting new games

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

It’s time to pack the stands again for the second annual Sparrow Bowl on Saturday, April 20 starting at 8:07 PM on the THS football field. The sparrow bowl is a unique way of raising money for a young individual that has been diagnosed with a disease. This year’s sparrow is four year old Judy who is from Egypt and has suffered with cancer all her life.

“We hope to pack the stands and raise a lot of money for Judy,” said key club manager and teacher Francis Caro, “This year has a different format that should be action packed and pick up the pace from last year.”

The bowl consists of three flag football games that involve both students and teachers on each team. The students are set into teams depending on their grade, while the teachers are chosen by the students in a raffle that will take place on May 3.

The first game is against the seniors and the freshman, while the second is against the sophomores and the juniors. The winners of each game will play each other in the final game.

“Football players are not allowed to play because the audience is used to watching them play. To keep it interesting, teachers are thrown into the games due to the students enjoyment of watching their teachers fall and play against their peers,” stated Caro.

T-shirts will also be for sale for $10 in Mr. Caro’s room: room 209.

This year’s Sparrow Bowl will electrify the crowd with unbelievable matches and raise a lot of money to help Judy.