The Effects of High School Sports

The Effects of High School Sports

By Hannah Armstead, Staff Writer

Do you play high school sports?  Even if you do, do you know the effect sports have on your heart, progression, and the negative/positive effects?  Your body is an amazing machine that adapts when you work out consistently.  For example; before at school your coach would make you run.  Normally you wouldn’t want to because you’re exhausted and wanting to stop two minutes in not looking forward to sore legs in the morning.  Although, if you walked a mile for about two weeks every day sooner or later you would realize it’s much easier than before and you might even increase your distance to two miles.

According to when exercising your heart adapts by increasing the rate of your heartbeat and the amount of blood that comes in and out of  it.  Your heart needs to pump the oxygen, fluids, and nutrients due to the excess work you’re putting it through or else heart failure could occur. Therefore, the blood flow drains the metabolic waste products away.  Your heart will adapt to aerobic exercise over time so it can pump more blood per stroke, for example; untrained female that use to pump 4 to 5 liters now pump 16 to 20 after exercise.

Being in High school sports not only helps you on the way to a healthy heart but a healthy lifestyle.  In order to work effectively, during an average five days a week practices, girls and boys must communicate and work together.  In the process people tend to make friendships, making their sociability rates increased.  With sports comes better health.  As before working out almost every day in one week can dramatically affect athletic peoples’ hearts.  For this reason; playing a sport puts them at a lower risk of obesity.  Sports in high school also put teenagers at a lower risk of negative influences like drinking, pregnancy, and drugs.  Due to long hours some don’t have the time to become negatively influenced because of homework or other responsibilities after practice.  Self-esteem and confidence comes with playing sports.  Whether on a court or field you need the confidence that you will play to you strongest abilities.  Also possibly people from your school are there to support you which make for your self-esteem to be built.

Along with positives there are negatives correlated with high school sports.  High school sports can have a major effect on students academics stated  Having long hours of practices can take a toll on doing or even starting your homework.  Long practices can drain your work ethic, being tired and having a hard practices most have no motivation to do their homework.  Athletes may want to take a nap after practice therefore their homework doesn’t get done.  Other times athletes will do their homework, but being physically exhausted could cause them to be mentally exhausted, making ones work not near as good as it could be.  Not only players but parents can be very dedicated to the sport their child plays as well.  Dedicated parents can cause for demanding parents, causing the athlete to feel very overwhelmed and stressed causing serious problems.

As you can see high school sports come with serious responsibilities that can instill sacrifices in order to meet one’s expectations.  High school sports can offer many opportunities like college offers and job opportunities.  Having a better healthier lifestyle can not only be a prominent aspect in your teenage years but can pass on into your adulthood as well.