Girls basketball pushes their way to 6th round playoffs

By Reilly King, Writer/Designer

“We are, Tigard!” yelled the cheerleaders. Along with a dozen or so other chants, an enthusiastic crowd, loud band, and amazing players, Tigard is advancing to the 6th round of Playoffs.

From the beginning it was Tigard’s game. They won the tip-off with the help of Freshman Elise Conroy. From there it was a tie for most shots during the first quarter between Junior Lexi Carter and Junior Emilee Cincotta. The crowd slowly grew more and more vocal with opinions, such as bad calls by the refs. When the second quarter began the intensity only increased. The band helped along the way by playing familiar tunes such as “Hey Baby” and, of course, the Fight Song. The Tigard Army also stepped up their game with every new quarter. Standing for the whole game, it’s a wonder how those fans were still dancing and singing on the bus ride home.

As the second half came to a start there was slowly more and more tension. By the end of the third quarter the score was tied and there was a lot of pressure on the girls. Plays started getting harder to make, and for a brief while Clackamas was ahead. However, Tigard proved that we’ve got the “Eye of the Tiger” and pulled through with four amazing free throws by Lexi Carter and Meeka Mayhew, helping Tigard secure the win 34-30.