Boarding to the finish line


Getting ready to board down the hill.

By Katelyn Nottingham, Staff Writer

Mount Hood Meadows is filled with lots of powdery snow and riders ready to board. Tigard’s snowboard team started their practices on Jan. 3d and they will go up to the mountain every Thursday until Feb. 21st. The first competition was Saturday Jan.26th, the competitions will continue through the beginning of March.

Saturday Jan. 26th the “bank slalom” competition (a swerving downhill race) took place. Tigard’s Cameron Reid won the overall fastest time downhill out of all boys from each school (Forest Grove, Tualatin, La Salle) with a time of  25.48 seconds, “I just tucked and went” said Cameron.  Tigard girls junior Kaylee McClung, sophomore Courtney Hicks, and sophomore Katelyn Nottingham won second best times all together going down the hill. “I think the girls did really well, it was our first competition, so I was impressed” said McClung.

“I was surprised when they called us up, it was all of our first competition and I don’t count myself as the best. It made my day waking up at six in the morning, coming and trying my best and then winning second; it’s my favorite part of my high school experience so far,” said Hicks.

The competition on Feb. 15th will be on slope style, lots of jumps and rails, hopefully Tigard can continue to do great and get better.

“We’re going to wreck any school that gets in our way,”  said Michael Murray, a sophomore on the team.