Tigers vs. Grant Volleyball Playoff Game on Wednesday Night

By Elisabeth White

By: Elisabeth White

Varsity volleyball playoff game will be at 6 p.m. on Oct 31 at Tigard High School against Grant.

Tigard is ranked higher and has a better record than Grant, but anything can happen. Tigard is ranked 13th with a record of 18-4 and Grant is ranked 21st with a record of 10-9.

“Whatever happens, happens in wins and losses, but in the end, it’s the effort that matters,” says Head Coach Rob Coelho.

Coelho said he expects effort, desire and hustle from his team.

Outside hitter Valerie Hughes #2 said she hopes to always play 110 perent, communicate with her team and work together with her team.

According to libero Jenna Horton #7, it will be an evenly matched game, but in the end, the team that works the hardest will win.