All Are In for the Girls JV and Varsity Water Polo Game vs. Hillsboro

By Lindsey Pfeiffer

The girls of the Tigard High School Water Polo Team, lead by coach John Ruzicka,  will be facing off against Hillsboro tomorrow afternoon at 5:00, marking it the last home game of the season. The game will take place at the Tigard Swim Center, where the Tigers and the Spartans will face off.

Last season when the two teams played, the game resulted in a tie, the final score 6-6, making this year’s an even more exciting game to attend. So far this season, the Tigers have had eight wins, making it crucial for them to end strong on this game to make this their last and final  home victory of the year. Adding to that, this is the time when the Tigard Seniors get a formal goodbye from teammates and coaches, who thank them for all of the hard work they have put in from practices to games to tournaments.

On the other hand, players have their own ways of getting ready for the games, from hardcore practice the day before, to devoted friends and fans wishing them good luck. “I try to focus in on small skills that can make my game better step by step.” Senior Emily Pfeiffer says about getting mentally ready and being prepared.

    So, if you love the water, enjoy an exciting and action-packed game, and want to celebrate the final home game for Tigard, come join the teams for a nail-biting match that could go either way. Will you be there for it?