THS girls JV2 soccer team ends their season with a success against Liberty High.

By Callie Couturier

The rain was pouring, the wind was whipping and the sun was trying to break through, but the Tigard High JV2 girls soccer team remained strong throughout their last game of the season. The Tigars beat Liberty High School with a final score of 4-3 on Monday, Oct. 22.

Sophomore Brittnee Webb used her fancy footwork skills to score the first goal of the game, which then made the THS Tiger’s even more eager to win.
Liberty scored a goal in the first half, -but that didn’t stop those THS Tigers from giving up hope. The rain continued to waterfall down on the players and the wind continued to blow but the soccer ball swished into Liberty’s soccer goal three more times. The second goal was made by sophomore Meredith Rice, who flawlessly booted the ball into the net.

Following up, sophomore Julie O’Farrell sneakily striked in for a starring moment, gaining THS a third goal of the game. Lastly, sophomore Emily Lehman scored the final winning goal for not only the game, but for the 2012 JV2 girl’s soccer season.

For the second half of the game the sun decided to peek out and Liberty snuck in two more goals and there was even a rainbow, but the THS girls  were still standing strong and proud on the field. They knew they had what it took to pull off a win. When the three tweets from a whistle was blown, it was final that Tigard High School had won.

“Today’s game went great, we won and the whole team played well together,” said Brittnee Webb,  soaked and covered in mud. “Today we hustled to the ball and fought for it well!”

“The season has been fantastic- we’ve improved our team strategy and footwork a lot since the beginning of the season, and I’ve been really impressed with how everyone has stayed motivated and positive every day of practice,.” Coach Danielle Restuccia said.

At the end of the game, the sun was shining and the soccer teams cleats sloshed around in the muddy field leaving footprints, in what seemed like leaving a Tiger Pride paw print… The paw print of complete success and hard work.
Coach Restuccia was asked what the best part about coaching was, and her response was,“The best part about coaching this team is how hard working every single person is- whether we win or lose, whether it’s sunny or rainy, and no matter how many sprints I make them run, everyone is always really positive and hard-working. It’s really impressive, because that’s hard to find on a team, and I feel really lucky I got to coach such a great group.”