Tigard Volleyball Fans Put New Spin On Cheering

By Micah Lundstrom, Executive Editor

Tigard High School’s varsity volleyball team battled up against the Forest Grove Vikings tonight at THS.  Tigard started off strong and quickly won the first match.  Coming in to the second game the Tigard fans switched their strategy and started turning heads as they began making animal noises at the opposing team as they served.  However the bizarre tactic seemed to distract the the Vikings as the Tigers quickly won the second game.  The Tigard fans continued their assortment of animal sounds in to the third game and THS was able to sweep the Vikings in a 3-0 victory.  So why did the Tigard fans start making animal sounds?  According to Tigard fan Nicole Becker, “It was just a fun way to get people excited about cheering and pumped up for the game”.  So despite some interesting tactics Tigard was able to pull out an easy victory in tonight’s game against Forest Grove.

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