You wanted us… You got us! Tigard wins against Century

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

Last Friday, Sept. 14, Century High School hosted KATU’s High School Blitz. As they recapped Tigard’s game against Glencoe, their student body booed and chanted “We want Tigard.” Senior Blake Chamberlain posted on the Facebook event wall that Century had hung a tiger by a noose outside their school. This fueled the fire for this weeks game against Century.

During the first quarter both teams made a great effort to score the first touchdown. However with many failed running and passing attempts, the two teams were tied at 0-0. It was a busy second quarter. At approximately one minute, Tigard scored the first touchdown of the night and within the next three minutes both teams scored. With eight minutes left, the Tigers were leading 14-6. After a tough second quarter both teams were once again tied, this time at 22-22.

Tigers took control during the third quarter with a 22 yard pass by junior Jett Evens to senior Chance Taylor. They began the final quarter with Tigard ahead 33-22. The team stayed in the lead after a touchdown pass to senior Connor Olson.

Tonight the Tigard Tigers showed Century who’s boss, winning a 46-36 victory. Century asked for the Tigers and they certainly got them.