Girls Tennis Takes Third in Districts

By Brett Higgins, Copy Editor

This week most of the girls tennis players wrapped up their season during the district tournament.  Three athletes qualified into the State Tournament; seniors Kristin Perry, Alexandra Tissuer and freshman Ayumi Mizuno.

On the first day of districts, Thursday, they started strong, sending three out of four singles as well as one doubles team to the second round. Sophomore Fotini Dorrance and Perry played first on Friday. Dorrance battled the number one seed from Century, but wound up losing. Kristin had a long three set match that got her ready for her quarterfinal match against Tualatin. She won both matches, setting her place in state.

Sophomore Courtney Roshak had a tough battle against McMinnville but didn’t pull through. Senior Brett Higgins won both games against McMinnville and Hillsboro in the consolation bracket, giving her another day to battle.

The Double team involving Tissuer and Ayumi had to wait around for awhile before their game, but once they got on the court they defeated McMinnville quickly and won a tough match against Newberg.

Junior Rachel Anderson and Senior Vivian Li played extremely well and won against both McMinnville and Glencoe in their two consolation matches.

Saturday, they brought back six athletes to play on the final day, marking the most players to come back for the finals in many years.  Anderson and Li had a rough semi-final consolation match, but they did not win. Higgins had two great matches, winning her semi-final match to move on to the finals. In her final match, she lost the first set and won her second before her opponent forfeited, claiming illness, allowing Higgins to win Consolation.

Perry played two great matches against Century and Newberg, ending up fourth place in the league. Tissuer and Mizuno also had two great matches against Hillsboro and Tualatin, but could not beat either and ended up fourth in district as well.

With all the great work the girl’s team had over the season, Tigard earned third place in districts.